Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Kavaca/Armour vs Possession

Hi Again,

This is part 2 of a discussion begun in the last blog on the practices of psychic protection.

Ok so we talked about psychic vampires. Now its time to talk about a much more serious problem. Possession. This occurs when vampirism reaches deep into someone's psychic body. It may occur over a long period or even quickly if the person is extremely vulnerable. This type of attack can occur through human or even non-human entities.

The easiest possessions to see are the ones that have occurred through people we know or have known. How do we know if these types of possessions have occurred? The person who possesses us occurs again and again in our consciousness, perhaps even after we have long left the relationship. We obsess on a lost love, we obsess on a broken friendship, we obsess on a long gone boss or relative. They may even still be in our lives. Do we have strange pains, symptoms, thoughts that might be connected with these people? It is important to examine all symptoms which might or might not be connected with these kind of people in order to see clearly where they stem from. Possession can continue to drain you dry even long, long after breaking from someone.

The harder possessions to see are those that occur through entities that we seemingly do not know. These may take the form of strange allergies, bodily or mental symptoms, pains, depression and other undesirable mental states. We may engage in activities which seem strange to us. To get at the root of some of these we may have to do some "detective" work to look back to times that we may have been vulnerable, to see how we may have left ourselves open to the external world in ways that it could easily enter.

Regardless of the source, there are means to clear these deeper level vampires. One of the most profound, that a good friend taught me is to use nature. Nature and the natural world is clear already. It isn't contaminated with reason, rationalism, conceptualism, objectivism. Spend some time in nature. ASK nature to clear, clean, and seal you. This is seemingly simple yet incredibly powerful. There are other techniques to use with nature but I have found this to be profound. Very profound. You have to really be open though. And you have to offer even a simple gift to nature in return.

Another method is to ask the divine, through whatever means you connect to do the same: to clear, clean, and seal you. This has to be done with pure faith and trust. Nothing that is not you can truly stand in the light of your own truth and this method will reveal that truth rapidly. Trust and be confident.

If you really need the heavy guns, there are mantras. Very powerful mantras. An even more powerful mantra of Durga is here (this can also be used in cases described in the previous blog):

Aim Hrim Klim Chamundaye Vicche

Use it only for protection and clearing. It is like a powerful explosion that burns out all impurities in your psychic body. It can be used similarly to the mantra given in the previous post. It is the Mother in her most protective, powerful aspect.
There are other mantras, even more sharp but these given, if used with pure faith have all the power you will most likely ever need.
See the fire explode inside you, burning out all that is not you. Let the fire of the Goddess clear and clean you thoroughly.
Let all holes be sealed and may your psychic shields be strong.

This can also be used for others as well as locations that are contaminated or tainted with bad juju.

A final word on protection. These practices become a hundred times stronger if you can actually feel them on the instrumental level. To truly feel the energy creating clearing and sealing is much more potent. This is one of the reasons for working with the yoga, as it brings us more clearly into this space.

May you all have strong boundaries and healthy relationships.