Saturday, August 27, 2011

Mudra of Great Joy

Surrender all of your limitations to the Mother.

It is only her play.

Give her all of your shame, fear, worry, anxiety, depression, contraction, inadequacy, doubt, tiredness, lack, guilt, mistakes, limitation.

It is only her play.

Shame is a dream. Fear is a dream. Worry is a dream. Anxiety is a dream. Depression is a dream. Contraction is a dream. Inadequacy is a dream. Doubt is a dream. Tiredness is a dream. Lack is a dream. Guilt is a dream. Mistakes are a dream. Limitation is a dream.

It is all only her play.

Step into Space. Let go into the River. Trust.

You are worthy. Inherit your birthright.

She will carry you.

You are expanding, all expansive. Brih.

Clarity and Space, ever expanding, all expansive. Brih.

The crow, dark as Kali and Krishna,

carries you into that infinite sky of space

on wings of Openness and Acceptance,

shouting its cry of Joy,

"Kha! Kha! Kha!"

(composed spontaneously in the sky of space, waiting at the drive-through of Real Food Nation for breakfast burritos on the glorious morning of August 27, 2011)