Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Long Dream

"Vasistha replied: O Rama, whatever one thinks within oneself in his or her own intelligence, that alone is experienced by him or her. Even nectar is experienced as poison by him who fancies it is poison. Friends become enemies and enemies become friends, depending upon one's inner attitude. The object is experienced by one strictly in accordance with one's inner feeling. To a suffering person a night is an epoch; and a night of revelry passes like a moment...

The yogis knows that it is one's own mentality that turns sweet things into bitter things and friends into enemies.

Qualities are not in the objects but only in one's thinking.

This world is nothing but a mere vibration of consciousness in space. It seems to exist even as a goblin seems to exist in the eyes of the ignorant.

All this is but Maya: for there is no contradiction between the infinite consciousness and the apparent existence of the universe.

It is like a marvelous dream of a person who is awake."

Yoga Vasistha 3.60 , from "The Story of Lila"