Monday, March 26, 2012

Mudra and Continuity

Mudra is like a powerful gift from the sky.

Whatever direction we face, mudra allows us to inherit our birthright again and again, a reflex that draws us back into the fold of our continuous nature.

There are as many mudras as directions in the sky. Slightly different in orientation and at the same time similar in nature, the powerful practice/gesture of mudra acts to dissolve our discontinuity to join with the ocean.

How do we do this? Two major components are required: acceptance and relaxation.

Acceptance requires that we turn away from nothing. If we cannot accept something, anything, there is a certain disconnect, a certain discontinuity that is created within ourselves. The inability to accept causes a polarization, a split. I am not talking about preference here or not liking something. This acceptance is a much deeper level acceptance about one's self and the world. Acceptance allows healing of deep cultural and karmic wounds and divisions that have been with us for millennia. Acceptance allows healing of deep guilt, shame, fear, and anger. Acceptance allows for compassion and love to arise both for ourselves and others.

When we face any direction with acceptance, we then relax. Relax into continuity. As we learn to relax, the continuity embraces us. Our continuous nature draws us in and holds us. We see, we feel, we know that we are not separate. Relaxation is important as continuity is felt. Our senses are not separate from that continuity. This type of relaxation is a release on all levels. We surrender. We let go into that continuity. Our limited nature cannot cling to discontinuity to try to hold on, because what it clings to is like a mirage.

Mudra means gesture. At the deepest level of mudra, the level I write about, the gesture is internal. It only takes a slight movement of orientation to release centuries of clinging. We just let go. I am not talking about letting go of things, letting go of attachment even. This letting go allows for all possibilities. This letting go is purely of limitation. It is a release into the vast sky of our true self. No text, no tradition, no person can give this gift to you. It is outside of all traditions, outside of all cultural and spiritual bindings. It is so familiar you may miss it if you try to hold it to one position of discontinuity.

May you all find the true joy of this wonderful gift of mudra. Let the continuity embrace you. Its arms have been open and waiting for you. Always.