Monday, March 26, 2012

Continuity vs Uniformity

There is an old myth about Siva pissing off the Goddess. It takes different forms this myth. Anyway, the goddess becomes angry with Siva and takes 10 different forms, surrounding him on all sides, in the 8 directions and above and below. These forms are called the Dasa Maha Vidyas.
No matter which direction Siva turns he sees her. Some of the forms are quite nasty in appearance, some beautiful.

When we look in any direction, we only see the Mother. Our continuity surrounds us from every direction. There is no direction we can turn that we do not see Her.

This is one of the most powerful secrets of the tantra, that there is no place that She is not. Everything in this world is nothing but Her.

One of the biggest mistakes in contemporary and traditional spirituality is thinking that the God/Goddess has one face. When we emphasize one face, it is like we are only turning forever in one direction. We ignore or deride the other directions with the preference of facing only one way. This prevents us from seeing the totality of what is.

When Arjuna asks to look at Krishna in the 11th chapter of the Bhagavad Gita, he is awed, amazed when Krishna reveals his fullness. And then he is even horrified. So much that he begs to be veiled again from the truth. The totality of what God is is overwhelming for him.

Our tendency might be to think of the continuity itself as uniform. I made this mistake for many years and this only tended to create a subtle nasty duality and preference. In fact the continuity itself is NOT uniform. It is like the ocean, very different in all its glory but yet one continuous ocean.

Understanding this allows you to "enter" the continuity at any place, any point. Whatever is present is nothing separate from that. Understanding this you can always "dive". Dive into the fullness of what you are.

This understanding allows everything to come into the sphere of "practice". Wherever we are, we dive. We join the continuity or the continuity accepts us back in each moment. The prodigal son/daughter is always welcomed back, for the discontinuity has actually never been, other than like a dream.

Acceptance is key here. Acceptance of the fullness of God, of the totality of God.

Of ALL that this creation has given us.

Such Joy!!!!