Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Relation of Unmesa and Nimesa to Mind

In practical terms, if one understands the twin processes that occur in the mudra, one has a much more powerful way to tame the processes that underlie the mind.

Consciousness/energy is at the root of all appearances within this world, for most of us only known or at least 90 something percent of the time known through the objective layer.

Mudra is like a one way arrow, a process of laya that points us in to the bindu.

The nimesa or disappearance is like a retreat or resolving of the energy which underlies objective phenomena, and through the sahita practices resolves itself into a particular waveform. At this point the unmesa or appearance of the continuity of consciousness/energy presents itself and expands into the depths of That.

This process is the deepest meaning of what is described in the Gita and the Yoga Sutras as abhyasa and vairagya. If one understands these principles on this level, there is far less violence, contrivance, and forcing. And as this process matures, one feels a deep current which one lets go into (which leads to the deeper kevala "processes"). At this point one only need orient to that inner current. This is why the sutras talk about Isvara Pranidhana after they discuss the practices of abhyasa/vairagyam.

This is all instrumental level of working. Attempting it through the objective layer will either not work or will take insane amounts of time.