Monday, November 18, 2013

Creation vs Seeking

I wanted to write a few words on intention in our practice and life.

For many, the 'path' of yoga is one of seeking. Seeking to find our true nature, enlightenment, the nature of subtle energy, power, or any number of things. That which we seek is influenced by culture, religion, spirituality, books, teachings, teachers, traditions, and 'other' sources than our self.

The Bhagavad Gita says "You are entitled to action but never to its fruit." Many interpret this as a statement that tells us that our fruits are God's alone, as if God is something outside of our self. What this statement says to me is that we need to perhaps emphasize the movement of action itself and not  desired permanence of forms. Forms are changing. There is nothing stable in form to rely on.

Why do we consider ourselves bound? Does this come from someplace outside of ourselves?
What are we truly lacking? Anything? Where is it that we get this idea in our mind consciousness that we are somehow limited and lacking? Do we really need to improve our selves? Do we need to become better or more than we are? Do we need some experience to validate our sense of self? Why?

Ego. Non-ego. These are just concepts. Forms in the sky of consciousness. What happens when these forms relax?

Where does movement come from? What initiates it? There is so much present in movement itself that can reveal itself if we pay attention.

Where is the center of movement? What is this center? It is the bindu.
What if we were to start from the place of perfection? What if we were to start every moment from a place of acceptance? What is it inside of ourselves that resists this? Is it so hard to accept our rightful place at the center of our our yantra, to take our place at the bindu of creation?

If we allow ourselves to be at the center of our own mandala, one of the first things that might strike us is that we ARE the center. Can we accept our own self-reliance? Can we take responsibility for our life around us? Are there really 'outside forces' imposing on us, forcing us to move this way or that? Are we relying on God and fate to govern our actions? Can we accept our own divinity and examine our intentions, our direction of movement at every moment?

It might be scary to come to center. It involves dissolving and dying to what we thought we were. It may destroy our concepts of God and the world. Perhaps we have confused the forms of the periphery with the true stability of the center point. Responsibility and self-reliance might be terrifying as we are so used to blaming, worshiping, submitting to something outside of our own selves.

From here, at the bindu of the yantra, we find authenticity. We find the truth of movement's origin that presents as 'us'.

From center, we find the possibility of authentic creation.

At this center, the distractions and confusions of the peripheral forms are not present. It is like the eye of a storm. We can move in any direction unimpeded. We don't need to rely on others or traditions. We don't need to conform. True creation is possible here, uninfected by the stain of what we feel we 'should' be or become.

True creation allows the periphery to unfold with its center at the bindu. The bindu and the periphery are in perfect alignment. Form and emptiness are recognized as one and simultaneous. Clarity is present with movement and appearance.

There is a deep joy and playfulness with creation. All is right. Let go of shame, guilt, and fear to truly let creation unfold from center. We don't need to act for another.

Some have the feeling that it is all about finding center but then what? Our natural ability to create is just pushing inward on itself. Are we reacting to empty forms? Why? What are we telling ourselves? The forms are empty in themselves. Do we want the center or bindu to remain only as a point singularity? Are we a black hole? No. Once we recognize the center point, let the bindu unfold. Let it expand outwards.

In and out. Contraction and expansion. Dissolution and creation. Shrim Hrim. Heaven is united with Earth. The Mother and the Father are one. There is no need to judge form. Form is divine expression. And it is never separate from the center. We ARE that center.

Do we realize this? What movement wants to come forth?