Friday, May 11, 2012

The Love of the Mother

One of my students asked me once "but what about love?"

I haven't thought about it too much until recently.

Then a powerful practice came to me. One that took me by surprise. The power of the mudra in aligning attention towards many things is not ceasing to amaze me. I will write more on that soon.

But it came this time in a direction I wasn't expecting. One that continues to pour forth in waves.

I began to pay attention to the Love of God. I read a few short articles by my guru describing this and thought I would try it. I'll try to share those articles soon. There are some very good clues in the article I posted by him entitled Kaulacara, earlier in this blog. Check it out.

So the Love of God. What does the Love of God look/feel like?

First the entry point to this love. It is unconditional. It is all expansive. It doesn't care what you have done or not done in this life. It doesn't depend on any thing. In other words all that you do or don't do won't diminish it in even the tiniest bit. This is the love of a true mother for a child.

Every part of you that has guilt, self hatred, shame, fear, worry, or feels the need to be other than exactly what you are is completely eradicated by this love. Every part of you is ok. Truly.

When you open to this love in whatever way you can, it pours in. It is like those painful things I mentioned above act as dams to this love.

I am not talking about you loving God. I am talking here about God loving you. The deep full Love of the Mother. For you.

When you pay attention to this love, the dams start to break. Suddenly a flood begins to fill you. The heart center begins to open in a vast way. The breath stops. The Mother fills you. Every cell feels it. Throbs with it.

I can only say from what I know. There may be many ways to open to this, it is probably up to you. For me the mudra helped me to open up and align with this. The reflexive internal gesture of movement recognizes all of these ugly things that I hold in myself and instantly releases them when the attention turns to the openness of God's love.

Truly the tears want to pour fourth. It is so vast that it is inconceivable and (mostly) indescribable.

For those who don't relate to reality through the image of God I am sure there is still a way to align with this. It is beyond form and name.

All of the patriarchal crap that has infiltrated our cultural and "spiritual" consciousness washes away like the filth that it is.

And what is left is the radiance of true and unconditional Love.